Mon, Jun 17, 2024

Turkey plans doubling of coal-fired power capacity by 2020

The Turkish government is planning to double its coal power capacity over the next four years, making it the country with the world’s third largest investment in the fossil fuel.

Targets for electricity generation from domestic coal (lignite + hard coal) are set for 60,000 MW until the end of 2019.

China and India say rich countries must accelerate climate change efforts

China and India have issued a joint call for richer countries to step up their efforts to reduce global carbon emissions, ahead of this year's crucial Paris Summit.

In a rare example of cooperation between the world's first and third largest greenhouse gas emitters, a statement published during Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's visit to China calls on wealthy countries to provide finance, technology and other support to help emerging countries cut their own emissions.

Renewable energy all pain, little gain

CALGARY, Alta., and VANCOUVER, B.C. — BC Hydro's planned project for a hydroelectric dam on the Peace River - known as the Site C dam - is proving to be controversial, with some industry groups panning the plan while touting renewable energy sources such as wind. One wind energy champion recently claimed "it would be a breeze for $10-billion worth of wind-energy projects to inflate B.C.'s economy."

What a gas: Using water and air to run a car

The German automaker announced it has created the first batch of liquid “e-diesel” at a research facility in Dresden. The clear fuel is produced through a “power to liquid” process, masterminded by the German clean tech company and Audi partner Sunfire.

Mission Possible: An Environmentalist Looks at Coal and Climate

By Armond Cohen
Executive Director, Clean Air Task Force

Most of my thirty-year professional career as an environmental organization lawyer and then environmental group CEO has been focused on reducing the environmental impact of the global energy system. Yet much of the last ten years of my career has been focused on demonstrating and deploying coal power generation technologies utilizing carbon capture and storage (CCS). What’s wrong with this picture?