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Editor’s Note: Don Rojem is a retired member of Boilermakers Local 169 (Detroit) who writes poetry describing his life experiences, including his work in field construction. He has been featured in Boilermaker videos and participated in the closing ceremonies of the union’s 33rd Consolidated Convention in Las Vegas in July 2016.


The good old USA
Still the greatest country
In the world today
Thanks to the smoke stack industry
Hard work, education and technology
It saved the world from tyranny
If it were not for coal we would not be free
Let’s make it clean, don’t throw it away
It’s still the back bone of the USA
We can still make her a stronger nation
With hard work, technology and education
Solar energy has its place
But it will not keep us
In the industrial race
The windmill may be all right
But it will not keep us
In the industrial fight
A strong USA is a happy people
At work and play
A happy people with a job
Not a hungry people turned into a mob
We don’t need another depression
Nor do we need another recession
Keep our industry, make it strong
With clean coal you can’t go wrong
From the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate
Love Her keep Her strong and great

Don Rojem

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